Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tax free weekend!

I am participating in a book group and part of the daily tasks is to walk for 20 minutes. I have never been to the mall closest to my I decided to do my walk there. I arrived and parked. It seemed a little crowded. I went inside and it looked like 'Black Friday!' There were people everywhere! I stopped and asked someone at one of the kiosks if it was always like this on a Saturday afternoon. She laughed and said 'no.' As it turns out, it was TAX FREE weekend as declared by the governor! So, all the back to school purchases - and more - were happening NOW, TODAY where I planned my walk. Well, I walked anyway, dodging the happy shoppers! It was actually good to see so many people taking advantage of such a 'gift.' I DID make one tiny purchase. I couldn't not be part of the festivities, after all....when in Rome....I mean Albuquerque...!


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