Monday, September 20, 2010

There Are No Ordinary Moments

It has been several weeks since my last blog. I have spent this time learning how important it is to cherish every moment of life. Before we can even do that, we need to recognize the moments! It all counts. You've heard all the cliches such as: 'stop and smell the roses' and 'live like you were dying'. These sentiments/suggestions are far more than cliches. They are a chosen way of life.
A friend and I have been spending time over the weeks sitting on my balcony admiring the incredible sky and how we could watch it change right before our eyes. Comments were shared about the hummingbird hovering above one of my plants, how the city lights twinkle like a Christmas garden at night, the sweetness of hanging out with someone you really resonate with, the power of music in our lives, how fresh and crisp the air is here, the buzz of the crickets and even how the sound of the sprinklers coming on can almost make you feel cooler.
I sat last night and thought about all these moments and felt like I wanted to shout out to the world to pay attention to their lives and swell up with awe. When we get caught up in the business/stress of the day to day mundane acts, we miss what revives us. Even if your 'world' is not exactly as I have described, there are always things going on around you to marvel over if you allow them to. A mom or dad walking their little one, the relentless efforts of the sanitary engineers, the sun that keeps rising no matter what, a couple kissing on the corner, or someone sitting on their front steps whittling away at a piece of bark are all precious moments.
Just as a prompt for you to begin your own awareness of the magic around you, I've included a few pics.
***I borrowed the title of this blog from a movie I saw awhile back. If you haven't seen it, it would be worth your time - The Peaceful Warrior.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Friendship is a Verb

A friend of mine and I were talking about friendships today and how the long lasting ones don't just happen! It takes little tiny actions of both parties over a period of time to build a quality relationship. The cool thing is that you don't know what the actions required are going to be until the moment arises. There's a saying about...doing the next right thing. I believe nurturing a friendship is similar. Be honest, pay attention to the other and see what needs to happen in any given moment. So I put together a little acrostic together to represent a few actions that help build a lasting friendship.
R-really listen
I-ignore brief moments of weakness
N-notice kindnesses, efforts
D-dance with each others' spirit
S-share ideas, thoughts, feelings
H-hold no grudges
I-impact by example
P-prove your trustworthiness

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the Company of Artists

Ever wonder why or how it is that sometimes 5 people can be at the same event or look at the same picture and they each have a very different experience? Whose is the right one?
I would say none. There is a small group of artists that meet regularly to share impressions from their own lives and/or the activities that were suggested in the book we are taking on. It was my pleasure to host the book club meeting tonight. Even though we have met twice before, I noticed something extraordinary this time. As I listened to each woman speak about a particular task in the book, then to each other's comment about a specific sharing, I realized the invaluable opportunity we have when we are part of a group. The wisdom, the ah-ha's, the humor, the connectedness, the fresh and joyous creativity and the willingness to share from the heart that fills the room is priceless. It is almost like watching magic happen right before your eyes.
Each of us have our own mode of artistic ability or talent. Therefore, we participate in the activities in many different our own personal way! We respect the 'art' of each other even if we don't 'get it.' We even go a step farther and embrace the 'different' expression of art. This allows us to expand and explore creativity as artists and as woman. It is this variety, this diversity in thought that makes art art. How dreadfully boring would life be if all the books had the same words, all the photographs were of the same event, or all the paintings were of the same landscape using the same medium???!!!
We can all learn from others certainly without being the other. Personal expression on all levels and in all areas is one of the most exciting aspects of being human! Choose to do something creative like no one else can do it and marvel in its uniqueness! Maybe get together with friends and share your own masterpieces! You may be surprised at what happens!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Prize

Wow! We have had some wild thunderstorms in Albuquerque in the last week or so! Some of the thunder was so loud it made me jump in my seat. The lightning lit up the sky bright enough to be daytime. Then there were bolts thicker than I have ever seen them. It was pretty amazing and a little frightening. There is also another natural phenomenon that occurs quite frequently here after a storm and I like to call it the prize! A full rainbow spans the whole width of the mountains...and then it turns into a double!!! If that is not a prize, I don't know what is!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dying Art

One of the classic means of communication that has taken a back seat to modern technology has been writing letters. This has obviously been all but totally replaced with email, texting, Facebook, phones and the like. BUT there is another art form that is dying that I believe has left a hole in the hearts of human beings and it is face to face leisurely conversation. The kind when you each give all of your attention to what the other is sharing and vice versa. No one is constantly checking their cell phone or watch. No one is playing "one up-manship." Two people get together and listen, really listen with genuine interest. I spent the entire afternoon engaging in just that and it was a breath of fresh air! Five hours passed with little regard for it. Looking into someone's eyes when they speak and seeing the emotion that accompanies their words or the body language that they express to help make their words come alive...there is no substitution for that! So, in this fast paced world of electronic communication, give yourself a treat and hang out with a friend or family member for a little while and just listen and share without watching your watch or allowing any other type of distraction. You may see that person in a whole new light.
Don't let technology/'progress' rob you of the irreplaceable sweetness of human interaction.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wishy Wishy

I want to believe that all children everywhere will have or have had the absolute simple pleasure of plucking a 'wishy' out of the earth and making a wish and blowing all the tiny 'star-copters' out into the universe! I mean really blow on it like you would to get all the candles out on your birthday cake! Okay, I admit that I still love to do that! Though I am quite obviously not a child anymore on the outside...there is still a little me alive and well on the inside...and it is she that loves to pick and wish and blow dandelion seeds all over her world! I highly recommend this simple act to everyone of any age!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

"We love or we die."

I watched a movie today. I have been feeling a little closed off to the idea of love becoming a part of my life again...a soul mate kind of love. What if I start to feel trapped? What if it seems like one thing and ends up totally different? What if I start to lose myself in the relationship? What if one of us stops loving the other? What if only one of us feels love? What if falling in love again changes everything? What if........then I watched a movie today. Now my only question is...what if I do not allow myself an opportunity to love again? If you watch the movie, you will enrich your life greatly. The movie...Tuesdays with Morrie.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Day to Remember...THX

Did you ever have a day that was just right? A day when everything went along smoothly and joyfully? Well, I had one of those days today. I was on my balcony at 5:30 this morning where the dark predawn sky was haunting and the air was cool. I watched the sky change colors right before my eyes as the sun began to make its way upward from behind the mountain. I did some writing, had a great breakfast and went to my doctor's appointment with was absolutely uneventful. From there I drove 14 miles UP to the top of the mountain, called The Sandia Crest. There I sat in awe of the view, hiked, took pictures of families so everyone could be in their photo, had some lunch and drove back down the mountain. When I got home, I changed and went to the pool for a swim and just to relax, talked with some great people, spent 20 minutes in the hot tub and came back to the apartment. I showered, had dinner and watched a funny movie. As I was getting ready to post in my gratitude journal, I realized just what a spectacular day today had been. Though I am grateful for all my was a real keeper and I am especially grateful for it! The view from 10,648 feet was...well, I'll let you decide.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life Unfolding

If you look closely at the middle shoot on the Bird of Paradise plant, you can see that it has pushed itself up through a tiny space between two other already established ones. Once the new shoot detects a opportunity to spread begins to unfold one portion at a time. First the larger upper part of the leaf, then the lower smaller part. It has to be strong enough to spread it from behind the existing leaf in order to be fully open. It could have given up totally in the face of potential resistance, even failure or only allowed itself to grow the stalk and not push to unfold its fresh beautiful leaf because the other ones were stronger, greener and in its path. It could have been afraid it wasn't good enough to be in the company of such powerful forces around it. It could have...but it didn't. It recognized its own strength, beauty, and contribution to the whole and pressed on in the face of challenge to allow itself to open up completely. Now it stands tall as an equal part of the group ready for a new experience! NATURE...always sharing life lessons with us. How fortunate we are when we pay attention to its wisdom.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Double dare ya!

"We are capable of so much more than we usually dare to imagine." Sharon Salzberg
Let your imagination do what it is meant to do...allow you to dream and create!
Have an uninhibited day...go for it!

Monday, August 09, 2010

A Simple Sentiment

My 3 kids and my grandson are coming out to NM in October to see the balloon fiesta. I have been spending a lot of time figuring out where we can go and what might be fun and memorable for them to experience here in Albuquerque during the few days they will be here. I created a whole list of places to go and was going to either send the list to them or chat about the ideas when I talked to each of them to get their opinions. Well, I spoke to my son tonight for over two hours catching up on life and when I mentioned my plan, he very simply suggested that we do a little bit, but that it would be great if we all just hung out and spent time together...spent time visiting me. Those few words had a very big impact on me. They reminded me that doing 'big' things is not always the best way to make memories and reminded me that they don't need me to entertain them for them to be content, and reminded me how much I love and appreciate my kids and how blessed I am to have them in my life. Thank you Matthew. No picture zoom is not powerful enough to capture my smiling heart.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Message loud and...not so clear!

You know how sometimes things don't go exactly as you planned and there are signs all around letting you know you need to make some kind of adjustment in your thinking or your behavior or attitude for things to improve? Well, this morning I was out at 5AM and saw this sliver of a moon where you could see the rest of the moon that was not illuminated too! It was so cool! As usual, I grabbed the camera to see if I could get it. The results of my efforts are included here! It is not the first time an attempt to capture an amazing shot turned out like I'm thinking this is proof...yet another sign...that the reoccurring question in my mind that whispers...GOT A TRIPOD?...should be heeded immediately! Kinda fun, but...!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tax free weekend!

I am participating in a book group and part of the daily tasks is to walk for 20 minutes. I have never been to the mall closest to my I decided to do my walk there. I arrived and parked. It seemed a little crowded. I went inside and it looked like 'Black Friday!' There were people everywhere! I stopped and asked someone at one of the kiosks if it was always like this on a Saturday afternoon. She laughed and said 'no.' As it turns out, it was TAX FREE weekend as declared by the governor! So, all the back to school purchases - and more - were happening NOW, TODAY where I planned my walk. Well, I walked anyway, dodging the happy shoppers! It was actually good to see so many people taking advantage of such a 'gift.' I DID make one tiny purchase. I couldn't not be part of the festivities, after all....when in Rome....I mean Albuquerque...!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Stick around

There is a tree to the left of my balcony that blocks the sunrise at horizon level. So I miss the beautiful colors that occur before the sun actually comes up. This morning I decided to drive to the top of the street my friend lives on (much higher ground) to see if I could get a better view. I did except it was very cloudy and there was even lightning off to the west. I took a shot anyway. It was about 5:40. At 6:00, as you can see on the second picture, there was little improvement. I was thinking of just heading back home and trying on a day that was clearer. But I was doing some journaling during the wait and decided to finish my thoughts and then go.
Well, about 6:30, I looked up because I was ready to head out and I saw a gorgeous blue sky with only a few white puffy clouds and the white rays of the sun shooting up and out! I was so glad I ended up sticking around or I would have missed it! As I was driving away, it dawned (no pun intended) on me that this was a valuable lesson for life in general, too. 'When life is looking particularly gloomy and there doesn't appear to be much movement in a more desirable direction...don't give up on the possibility...stick around and you may be surprised at an outcome even better than you had hoped for.' Enjoy your is bursting with possibility!

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