Friday, July 23, 2010

Ultimately our choice

So, today's events fell a bit short of my intentions. I was going for an outcome of complete success on my end to a unpleasant situation. However, I ended up with a poor excuse of a partial success, if there is such a thing. When victory didn't happen, I felt ripped off and taken advantage of among other less than desirable afflictions. I did the right things. I deserved to be successful. The other party involved owed me retribution. I could go on and on, but to what avail? Victimhood feels a lot worse and is less likely to improve your chances for a better outcome next time than accepting the loss, looking at your piece of it and moving on. Is that giving up? Is it surrendering? Is that settling for less than you wanted? Maybe and maybe not. It depends on your perception of the situation. Will anger, bitterness and resentment improve the situation, how bad do you want to "win" and how much responsibility are you willing to take for what occurs in your life? All of that and more effect how you choose to respond to the overall event and what you "call" the outcome...a success, a failure or maybe a learning experience. I chose to examine my piece of this mess and be grateful for a partial success. I see it now as better than no semblance of success at all. I am still disappointed and surprised that a company could do business as shabbily as hey did...but I choose not to allow those thought/opinions to consume me.

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