Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the Company of Artists

Ever wonder why or how it is that sometimes 5 people can be at the same event or look at the same picture and they each have a very different experience? Whose is the right one?
I would say none. There is a small group of artists that meet regularly to share impressions from their own lives and/or the activities that were suggested in the book we are taking on. It was my pleasure to host the book club meeting tonight. Even though we have met twice before, I noticed something extraordinary this time. As I listened to each woman speak about a particular task in the book, then to each other's comment about a specific sharing, I realized the invaluable opportunity we have when we are part of a group. The wisdom, the ah-ha's, the humor, the connectedness, the fresh and joyous creativity and the willingness to share from the heart that fills the room is priceless. It is almost like watching magic happen right before your eyes.
Each of us have our own mode of artistic ability or talent. Therefore, we participate in the activities in many different our own personal way! We respect the 'art' of each other even if we don't 'get it.' We even go a step farther and embrace the 'different' expression of art. This allows us to expand and explore creativity as artists and as woman. It is this variety, this diversity in thought that makes art art. How dreadfully boring would life be if all the books had the same words, all the photographs were of the same event, or all the paintings were of the same landscape using the same medium???!!!
We can all learn from others certainly without being the other. Personal expression on all levels and in all areas is one of the most exciting aspects of being human! Choose to do something creative like no one else can do it and marvel in its uniqueness! Maybe get together with friends and share your own masterpieces! You may be surprised at what happens!

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