Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dying Art

One of the classic means of communication that has taken a back seat to modern technology has been writing letters. This has obviously been all but totally replaced with email, texting, Facebook, phones and the like. BUT there is another art form that is dying that I believe has left a hole in the hearts of human beings and it is face to face leisurely conversation. The kind when you each give all of your attention to what the other is sharing and vice versa. No one is constantly checking their cell phone or watch. No one is playing "one up-manship." Two people get together and listen, really listen with genuine interest. I spent the entire afternoon engaging in just that and it was a breath of fresh air! Five hours passed with little regard for it. Looking into someone's eyes when they speak and seeing the emotion that accompanies their words or the body language that they express to help make their words come alive...there is no substitution for that! So, in this fast paced world of electronic communication, give yourself a treat and hang out with a friend or family member for a little while and just listen and share without watching your watch or allowing any other type of distraction. You may see that person in a whole new light.
Don't let technology/'progress' rob you of the irreplaceable sweetness of human interaction.

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