Saturday, July 17, 2010


Welcome to Albuquerque! Maryland? Wow, that's a long ways away! What brings you here to New Mexico? Well, good for you! I hope you have a grand adventure here!
These are the questions and comments that have been ringing in my ears for the last 3 weeks! And I love it! Yes, I upped and moved nearly 2,000 miles for a grand adventure.
Little did I know that the first leg of the adventure was going to involve me not having any of my worldly possessions for the first 2 weeks! Even more exciting was that my car would actually hang around MD for yet another week!
If not for friends...while I waited in my wonderful new apartment, I was fully equipped with all the necessities of life by my friends Marie and John who live nearby. They donated an air mattress, pump, pillows, pan, pot, spatula, card table, 4 chairs, and a lamp. I rounded up some grub and bathroom tissue at the store...driven by Marie! It was truly an that will go down in the books! I learned that I can do fine with very little for a short time anyway and that friends are indispensable! By the way, the pool, hot tub, gym and spectacular mountain and Rio Grande Valley view from my balcony helped too! More to come.

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