Thursday, June 07, 2007

Take action to love yourself

I listened to a live teleseminar last night on synchronicity and the law of attraction. All the information was valuable; however, there was a couple of points that were made that really stood out for me. One was, in order to be successful when attracting a partner, we must FIRST truly love ourselves. My first reaction was, "Of course, I love myself"! Then, I started to dig into that idea. I realized there are many things I do and thoughts I have that are not strong arguments that i love myself. One is saying, "Yes" when saying, "No" would be in my best interest. So, I am going to express love for myself by respecting my physical and emotional needs and saying, "No" when "Yes" would not be in my best interest. Do you really love yourself? How do you know? Be good to you! You deserve it!
Another point, another day!


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