Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unsolicited wake up call

Just before dawn, I was jolted awake by an unusually loud and obnoxious sound! As I gathered my wits about me, I realized it was the building's fire alarm. I was pretty calm, thinking about what I wanted to take with me when I left the apt. I chose my pocketbook, my cell phone, my camera a bottle of water and my keys, of course. When I reached the bottom of the outdoor stairs, there was no one/no thing in sight! No fire, no smoke, no evacuees. As I stood there wondering what was going on, I realized that I felt absolutely no concern that all my worldly possessions could possibly go up in smoke. It surprised me a little since I had just spent all my savings to transport 6500 lbs. of 'stuff' to NM. I looked at what I had taken with me. The pocketbook-ID, a few bucks, and pics of my kids. The cell phone-a means of communication with those I love and if I needed help. The camera-to take pictures of my fabulous future adventures. Water-life giving substance. The keys-well, to drive if need be. This horrendous penetrating noise pollution was more than a thing that woke me from my physical slumber...it was a wake up call for my heart as well. To live, to be free to move about, to have trust in the future, to remember the sweetness in my life and to be able to communicate with those I love...I guess that's what is at the top of my list of important things. Just then the alarm was silenced. Instead of going back in my apt, I took a long, slow 4 mile walk taking in as much as I could of the beauty around me. What would you take with you? It might be interesting to think about.


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