Thursday, July 22, 2010

The perfect place for me

Before I moved to NM last month, I took some time to walk along the Susquehanna River near my home in MD. There was a promenade there where I spent some magical moments and times when I was comforted by the serenity of the river's gentle flow. I especially loved the ducks and geese...the ducklings born late spring were my favorite! There were wonderful flowers and trees along the path. I was truly blessed to have lived so close to this sweet space for more than 5 years. I knew that I would miss it, but it was time to move on.
Today I discovered a place called Tingley Beach in SE Albuquerque. To my absolute joy, there were ducklings, geese, beautiful flowers and a walkway surrounding the water!!! AND a magnificent view of the Sandia Mountains! Butterflies and dragonflies danced around everywhere, too. Fish swam playfully in the water. To top it off, there was a train that drove right along the edge of the land that travels through there, the zoo and the botanical gardens.
I believe that my gratitude for my time at the river and my willingness to let it go contributed to the discovery of this new magical place where new memories will be made. Be truly grateful for at least one thing in your life every day and you will feel the magic.

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