Monday, September 20, 2010

There Are No Ordinary Moments

It has been several weeks since my last blog. I have spent this time learning how important it is to cherish every moment of life. Before we can even do that, we need to recognize the moments! It all counts. You've heard all the cliches such as: 'stop and smell the roses' and 'live like you were dying'. These sentiments/suggestions are far more than cliches. They are a chosen way of life.
A friend and I have been spending time over the weeks sitting on my balcony admiring the incredible sky and how we could watch it change right before our eyes. Comments were shared about the hummingbird hovering above one of my plants, how the city lights twinkle like a Christmas garden at night, the sweetness of hanging out with someone you really resonate with, the power of music in our lives, how fresh and crisp the air is here, the buzz of the crickets and even how the sound of the sprinklers coming on can almost make you feel cooler.
I sat last night and thought about all these moments and felt like I wanted to shout out to the world to pay attention to their lives and swell up with awe. When we get caught up in the business/stress of the day to day mundane acts, we miss what revives us. Even if your 'world' is not exactly as I have described, there are always things going on around you to marvel over if you allow them to. A mom or dad walking their little one, the relentless efforts of the sanitary engineers, the sun that keeps rising no matter what, a couple kissing on the corner, or someone sitting on their front steps whittling away at a piece of bark are all precious moments.
Just as a prompt for you to begin your own awareness of the magic around you, I've included a few pics.
***I borrowed the title of this blog from a movie I saw awhile back. If you haven't seen it, it would be worth your time - The Peaceful Warrior.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Friendship is a Verb

A friend of mine and I were talking about friendships today and how the long lasting ones don't just happen! It takes little tiny actions of both parties over a period of time to build a quality relationship. The cool thing is that you don't know what the actions required are going to be until the moment arises. There's a saying about...doing the next right thing. I believe nurturing a friendship is similar. Be honest, pay attention to the other and see what needs to happen in any given moment. So I put together a little acrostic together to represent a few actions that help build a lasting friendship.
R-really listen
I-ignore brief moments of weakness
N-notice kindnesses, efforts
D-dance with each others' spirit
S-share ideas, thoughts, feelings
H-hold no grudges
I-impact by example
P-prove your trustworthiness

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