Saturday, May 12, 2007

Unexpected Synergy

I spent the day with my sister working together on a 'first-time ever'... anything!!!!!! She is 46 and I am 52! Not sure how this would fare out, given our non-existent history with this type of thing, I found myself going into it being overly cautious with my words, looks and any other body language so as not to cause any friction. About 20 minutes into our interaction with each other, a sense of peace and a level of comfortability filled me up from head to toe! WOW! What a high I got from that moment! We had a blast going back and forth with ideas, laughing, listening intently to one another....for 4 HOURS! We set up a time for our next meeting to work on our project and I am looking forward to it with all my heart! What a sweet surprise! What a valuable lesson I learned as well...never, ever be afraid to try something you think might be amazing just because you've never tried it before AND allow yourself to be open and attentive to situations, just in case you are getting ready to receive a wonderful surprise...otherwise you may miss it altogether!!!


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