Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Your thoughts, your life

Many years ago I heard a speaker say something that has always stuck with me. Today I was reminded of the quote
"As you think, so you become."
So many times I hear others say, 'That's just how I am.' Everyone has a role that they play in their job, in their relationships, and in their lives. The key for me is remembering the power that I have, the power that we each have to alter that role should we ever become unhappy with it.
The thought of becoming stuck in a rut is just that... a thought. A slight change in how we perceive our experiences, what and how we think about the events in our lives, can profoundly impact these very events. The catch is that it can work for the positive and beneficial just as well as the negative and destructive.
So, think strength, think empowerment, think positive and then see what types of happenings you invite into your life.


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